eyeOS Professional Edition 1.1 and IBM PureSystems


This solution has met the criteria for the IBM Ready for PureSystems validation


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Solution Description

is a private-cloud application platform that allows you to virtualize the employee’s workspace with a web-based desktop interface. eyeOS delivers a whole desktop from the cloud with file management, personal and collaborative tools and with the integration of the the client’s applications.

eyeOS Professional Edition helps companies

  1. reduce desktop management costs by virtualizing their employee’s workspace
  2. improve employees’ mobility by providing access through multiple devices and
  3. increase productivity through 2.0 collaborative tools.

Working with eyeOS, and combined with IBM PureFlex System, the enterprise will be able to virtualize the employees’ workspace and save on infrastructure, support and licenses while delivering a totally new user experience. With this partnership companies can integrate existing SaaS, virtualised legacy applications, and other in-house apps served as web services, combining the advantages of the Cloud with the control that any IT department requires.


If you are interested in installing or upgrading eyeOS, contact us to download the package.

Get Support

For many customers the eyeOS sample workload has the potential to be a valuable business asset. Some clients may want to move from sample / test use cases into production environment. eyeOS can provide a variety of support and service packages. To upgrade to a supported version of eyeOS, please contact us.